Alpha Performance Audi S6/S7 Downpipes are the ultimate solution for improving power, throttle response and exhaust note without sacrificing quality, fitment or design. If you are in search of the highest quality downpipes for your new S6 Quattro 4.0L BiTurbo TFSI engine – look no further!

Computer Aided Design Yields Maximum Results

Each Alpha S6/S7 Downpipe features a 76mm (3″) tubing for a massive increase in flow. This gives you maximum power as you fly through the gears of your 7-speed S-tronic dual clutch gearbox. Back-to-back tested on a Dynojet dyno – we saw improvements of 30WHP* (35 crank HP) over just a tune alone! Not to mention, an average gain of 20HP throughout the entire powerband while still retaining the factory exhaust system!

High Flow Design Removes Unnecessary Restrictions

From the factory, your S6/S7 downpipes cross paths like a pretzel creating unnecessary turbulence – disturbing flow and robbing horsepower. The Alpha design eliminates this restriction by routing each downpipe straight down allowing exhaust gases to escape faster. In addition, you’ll benefit from a significant weight reduction in the front of your car.

Exhaust Upgrade For Use With Stock or Aftermarket Cat-Back Systems

Knowing that most of the power is lost from the factory downpipes and that many people prefer to retain the factory cat-back exhaust system, our engineering team thought of a unique solution to ensure this would be the last set of downpipes you’d need to buy. Since the factory exhaust diameter is smaller than our Alpha Downpipes (63.5mm vs 76mm), it required a neck down design to which could hurt flow if done abruptly. To make the most free-flowing design, our engineers designed a bellhorn style billet stainless steel transition for a smooth and efficient diameter change from the end of the downpipes to the factory. This allows for hot exhaust gas expansion and a smooth/direct path for exhaust gases to escape through the downpipes for maximum power output.

Unparalleled Fitment Through Proper Engineering

The Alpha S6/S7 downpipes aren’t something we quickly whipped up in a fabrication shop. These are properly designed and engineered using a CMM Laser Scanner for a perfect fit and space optimization. We took the time to integrate factory O2 sensors, heat shielding and brackets for a clean and proper OEM-like installation. When you choose Alpha Performance, there is no need to hack up your prized possession.

The Difference Is In The Details

Another unique benefit is our motorsports catalytic converter option. These GESI brand 300 cell count Ultra High Output (UHO) units provide virtually no disruption in flow providing emissions control with no notable loss in horsepower. For durability these converters feature a staked in design to hold the catalyst cores firmly in place. Many competitors offer a low quality converter option to keep the cost low and profits high. Often, these units fail due to poor construction and inferior materials. When you choose Alpha Performance, you will remain worry-free for years to come.

Do it right the first time, order your Alpha Audi S6/S7 Downpipes today!