Everything we’ve added to the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Track Suspension Package has been carefully selected to provide your GT-R with improved handling on the road course. This package offers a responsive combination of JRZ, SPL, Dodson and Whiteline suspension components to help you experience quicker lap times and a more consistently accurate feel for the track while maintaining similar OEM ride quality on the street.

High Performance, Dual Purpose Suspension

A set of JRZ RS Pro front and rear dampers and springs provide double adjustable controls for both rebound and compression. This is the best club sport suspension you can find for your GT-R. A highly adjustable suspension that is functional – both on and off the track.
(With so many details to list, visit our JRZ RS Pro page for more information)

Rear Suspension Upgrades

A full set of SPL Pro Suspension GT-R rear linkages, rods and bushings work together in unison to give you improved predictability through cornering and steering corrections. With proper adjustments, you will benefit by having tighter lateral response and reduced slop that can occur with stock rubber bushings.

To reduce rear-end body roll, we’ve also added the Whiteline GT-R 33mm Heavy Duty Swaybar with two settings for adjustable stiffness. Once installed, you’ll benefit from having an increased contact patch, more grip, stability, comfort and a better sense of control. This is sure to give you a tremendous boost in confidence to run the course quicker!

In addition, to keep your rear differential running cooler, we’ve also included Dodson’s GT-R Differential Scoop. This facilitates a higher level of cool air flow onto the heatsinks of the rear diff case.

Lighter Weight Control Arms

For the front suspension, a set of Dodson Adjustable Upper Control Arms provide 2° extra castor and – 2° extra camber over OEM settings. With additional positive caster, you will have improved directional stability and gain a better feel for the road. Not to mention, more weight savings.  

The Complement to Your Potent GT-R Setup

For die-hard track enthusiasts and club sport level competitors alike, the Alpha Performance Track Suspension Package is the essential suspension package for your beloved R35 GT-R. It replaces all the necessary components to help increase agility on the track with adjustability to help maintain excellent mannerisms and comfort on the street. Contact us or your nearest AMS/Alpha dealer to upgrade your GT-R.


Optional Alpha Race Cooling Kit

To complement your GT-R’s track suspension setup, we provide an optional Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Race Cooling Kit. Our race cooling kit was developed to eliminate the overheating of your GT-R’s powertrain system throughout extended road course sessions. Compete aggressively lap after lap. The Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Race Cooling Kit was designed to keep your GT-R running strong without the worries of going into limp mode.


  • Improved handling
  • Dual purpose package for use on and off the track
  • All the suspension adjustability you need at a Club sport level – straight forward and effective
  • Comprised only of high quality components from JRZ, SPL Pro, Dodson and Whiteline


  • JRZ RS Pro Suspension Kit (Springs & Dampers)
  • SPL Titanium Rear Traction Links
  • SPL Titanium Rear Camber Links
  • SPL Titanium Rear Toe Links
  • SPL Rear Endlinks
  • SPL Eccentric Lockout Kit
  • SPL Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushing Set
  • Dodson’s GT-R Differential Scoop
  • Dodson Adjustable Upper Control Arms


  • Alpha Race Cooling Kit


  • 2009 Nissan R35 GT-R
Weight 150 lbs
Make Model Year
Make Model Year
Nissan R35 GT-R

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